What is prp?

The abbreviation PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. This plasma is rich in platelets. This plasma contains growth factors and these can stimulate your hair growth, but they can also improve your skin condition.

PRP for your hair

More and more people are choosing a PRP treatment for their hair. The aim of the treatment is to stimulate hair growth. You may also want to choose this because your hair suddenly becomes much thinner. You may experience this as very annoying and it is! There are even people who become depressed because they suddenly experience hair loss. Fortunately, you can now have something done about it and opt for a PRP treatment.

A PRP treatment for your hair is also the most natural treatment. How exactly does that work?

We are happy to explain this to you. Your blood plasma contains various types of growth factors and these will stimulate the recovery of hair follicles. Injections are placed in your scalp and the growth factors are administered in this way. Why is this done? Because this can slow down aging processes. The result is that the blood supply around a hair follicle increases and the growth of the hair follicle cells is stimulated again.

The blood in men and women consists of 55% plasma (this is also called the watery part) and the remaining 45% consists of blood cells. You could divide the blood cells into a number of groups, these are the red blood cells (also called erythrocytes), white blood cells (also known as leukocytes) and the platelets (also called thrombocytes). The function of the platelets is that they ensure the clotting of the blood after an injury, for example. But did you know that platelets contain proteins (growth factors)? We also need these to heal our tissues


If you are dealing with hair loss, you want to have something done about it as soon as possible. This can be done by choosing the PRP treatment. It is a quick procedure and consists of 100% of the body’s own substances and it is also well tolerated.

Before you have a PRP treatment carried out for your hair, it is nice to know how it works, so we will explain this to you:

  • To start, a doctor will first take blood from you, this is approximately 10 ml. This blood is taken for the purpose of isolating the platelets (also called thrombocytes). A special system is then used to carry this out.
  • The doctor will then inject it into your treatment site, which can be the scalp and then on the hairline. This is done to stimulate the body’s own recovery process.
  • Because growth factors are present in the platelets, they will stimulate the growth phase of hair follicles. Our platelets can close wounds, promote wound healing and they can therefore also ensure the recovery and metabolism of our cells.

It is nice to know in advance how long a PRP treatment will take. On average it takes about thirty minutes. There is hardly any bleeding, because very thin needles are used. It is therefore a safe procedure because the body’s own substances are used.


The advice is to have multiple PRP treatments performed. One treatment is often not enough to achieve your goal and that is of course a shame. We will draw up a plan together with you. The first results will be visible after about 5 to 6 months. (differs per person) You naturally want the treatment to remain effective and that is why it is advisable to opt for maintenance treatment every six months.

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